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Ultrasyd is a multitask robot, designed by a french team. v1, probably elaborated near 2000, had music capacities included. First tests were conducted with Reason and FT2 (metal, techno shit, and some chiptunes). It's said that this early version also had a 3D modelisation module, but no proof could be provided. Due to lack of time and budget restriction, the development had to be stopped in 2005. New founds allowed the project to start again in 2007, when v2 was upgraded with a 10 mpix camera, allowing the robot to take pictures. Motorised wheels were added from v2.04c, allowing the Ultrasyd Robot to take pictures not only from his laboratory, but also outdoor. A GPS module was added in 2008 for v2.07 for geo-localisation during long trips. v3 from 2009 had some major changes : some hardware chips added for chiptunes (YM soundchip from Amstrad and Atari ST, and also SID, Game Boy). The Ultrasyd Robot hence made his first steps in true chip on various platforms. The robot is now able to handle Starkos Tracker (CPC), MaxYMiser (Atari ST), Protracker (Amiga), LSDJ (Game Boy), SDI (C64), plus some other trackers. v3.02 was upgraded with Arduinoboy, MSSIAH and PC-MIDI modules, allowing further experiments. From v4 (december 2009), the robot was added an improved 12 mpix camera, to be tested soon. Brand new feature added for v5beta : graphic tablet, allowing 2D drawings ! This module is going to be developed soon. The first tests already gave nice results. The project is still under development.
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