Thaliuron (Preview) EP

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Thaliuron (Preview) EP


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Released January 2013
Format MP3
Type Audio
Added on Thursday, 31 January 2013
Genre Chip Music
Edition date ??? 2013


A Small taste of the forthcoming "Thaliuron" which will be released this year. This EP contains 3 tracks which will be included (Eventually some in FULL Stereo) 1 Bonus Track, and an Outtake from 2010's "2nd Chip EP" Please let me know of any suggestions and improvements so that "Thaliuron" can be even better when it's released. Thanks!
Comments (3)
Marek Pesout
Monday, 04 February 2013 13:33
The best song is: A Nice Filler Track (Non Album Bonus Song). I really like it very much!
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 14:02
Please post all technical/hardware informations when You post Your music.
What Atari, what software, what methode (MIDI? Synthetic/chiptune? Digital?).
It would be a very nice addition and also an informative part, for readers.
Craig Morris
Tuesday, 05 February 2013 17:37
@Marek, thank you for the feedback. It was the first load of songs released since 2010. So the fact I havent been composing for some time (There was a 30 second preview posted on the 2nd Chip EP last year but that was unconvered from an old PC rather than a brand-new song) meant the possibility of "Being Rusty" still exsisted.

@Yerzmyey My production set-up isnt too lavish I'm afraid :( But, I use a Freeware program called "Musagi" which emulates Sid,Nes and even ST sounds. I've also used "Beepola" (A ZX Beeper tracker) on one track here. Once a track is finished. It's then recorded as a Wav file and converted into a 44khz MP3 using "Shaungs Wav to MP3 Converter". All in all, the main tool is my Windows PC as due to having 'Synkenisa' (Meaning my hands dont have opposing movement) it makes playing authentic instruments difficult. But at least it hasn't stopped me :-)
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