9 Days' Wonder?


Right On Time

2001 3.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 5 3 Ratings MIDI
Right On Time
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Released April 2001
Format CD
Type Audio
Added on Tuesday, 06 April 2010
Genre MIDI & Synth
Price 5.00 €
Length 11:06
N of discs 1
Edition date April 2001
Country Netherlands
Label Independent


Right On Time was produced by Phil Mills (partner of Junkie XL) and recorded April 2001 at Cryptic Recordings, Leeuwarden.

All songs were written using Cubase 2.1 on Atari STe (4 Mb RAM). Vocals, drums and guitar were recorded using ADAT. Hardware used: Yamaha A3000 sampler, EMU Xtreme Lead Turbo, Roland JP8080 and Phil's JP8000.


Marianne van den Bergh - vocals
Eric Brouwers - drums
Jos van de Gruiter - guitars

All songs written by 9 Days Wonder? and © BUMA/ STEMRA The Netherlands

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