9 Days' Wonder?


9 Days' Wonder played urban breakbeat. The band used to mix influences from jungle, triphop and Big Beat with soundtracks from the sixties and seventies. The band existed from 9 September 1999 till November 2004.

Supporting Lamb and Kosheen
December 12th 2001 the band has supported Lamb in Paradiso, Amsterdam. A reviewer wrote about this performance: 'A good performance, the audience really liked it and I think this sensation from Tilburg will make it' (Ruud Verhalle, Muzikantenweb). Lamb is not the first famous dance act that 9 Days' Wonder has supported. June 30th 2001 9 Days' Wonder played with Kosheen in venue 013, Tilburg.

Live at Radio 3FM
Oktober 17th 2001: 9 Days' Wonder has given a live performance at Dutch national radio 3FM. They've appeared up in the program of DJ Isabelle. After playing 'Crowds Go Mad (Power!)' Isabelle shouted: 'This is really very cool'.

Access 2 Amsterdam
Oktober 18 th 2001 9 Days' Wonder has done a showcase at A2A. This a congres for the international music industry in Amsterdam. Director Paul van Dijk says: 'Our showcases represent some of the best talent from Europe and from around the world'.

Wannaget number 8 in Music Maker
9 Days' Wonder has released new tracks in may 2001. The songs are produced by Phil Mills, who worked with Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), Twarres and Green Lizard. August and september 2001 their song 'Wannaget' has reached number 8 in the Dutch magazine Music Maker (Antjes Eighteen).

Compilation CD's
Website Vitaminic in the United Kingdom has recognised the talents of the band and offered them a place on the compilation CD 'Young Blood'. 9 Days' Wonder is also represented with 'Deep' on the CD 'London Cool'. British Telecom and Vitaminic have distributed this promotion CD in Italy in a first release of 30,000 copies. Both CD's were compiled by London based DJ Massimo (Danmass).

The end of the show
In 2003 the band got a record deal with indie label Fluff Girl Wax. At the same time they were signed by Thijs Hoffman Agency (Blöf, Acid Junkies). April 2004 the band's new CD 'Nighttrip' was released. This CD was distributed worldwide by Lowlands Distribution Belgium. The release was followed by a release party in venue 013 and a tour in the Dutch clubs. During the tour the band broke up. The magic from their earlier period seemed gone.

What do other people say about 9 Days' Wonder?

All at once this trio from Tilburg is going very fast. Their combination of dance and pop is appealing. (Interview, Brabants Dagblad, June 28th 2001)

9 Days Wonder has delivered a powerful set at Boschkilde festival. A well thought-out building up, fat beats and emotional vocals sung in key. The band said they would support Kosheen in the sold out venue 013 the following night. That programmer should be very glad having them. So should we. And clapping our hands too and dancing, because that was very well possible. (Xander 77, Popcall, Juli 2001)

9 Days' Wonder?
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