Cake-Sinking-Melon-Farmers EP

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Cake-Sinking-Melon-Farmers EP


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Released February 2013
Format MP3
Type Audio
Added on Thursday, 14 February 2013
Genre Chip Music
Length 5:18:00
Edition date ??? 2013


A few notes before you click play... This song was shortly conceived after the release of "Thaliuron (Preview)" and it's totally unrelated to that project. It's also my first ever release to contain Vocals. This EP comprise of two versions of the same song. The Main Track is a "Safer" Version, this means that non-offensive words are used. The Other track however (Which is also appropriately named to avoid confusion) is a rant against those who seek to curb our civil liberties (Internet Censorship, Free Speech etc) and to those who Speak-Out or pass legislation to infringe on the rights and equality of others. Please don't listen if your easily offended as this contains VERY STRONG LANGUAGE throughout. I would also like to point out that this Song represents the views of Myself and not those of the AMN. Tech Stuff: For this song, I used the ever-reliable Musagi and the vocals are produced using a Samsung, Galaxy y Bada OS Mobile phone. Once completed all this was produced into an MP3 using Shaung's WAV to MP3 converter at 320kps For the highest quality possibe. Thanks for reading this and listening to the song/s. Craig Morris (AKA Cornervizion)
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