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The Atari Music Network (AMN) Mission Statement and Features

From sequencing Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk concerts in the 80's to tearing up the dance floors at the 2010 Blip Festival, Atari's reputation as a music monster machine has persisted for a quarter of a century. For MIDI synth enthusiasts, the Atari was and still is the ultimate bridge between man, music, and machine. For chip musicians, the Atari's untapped sonic palette has yet to paint the ever-expanding canvas of 8-bit music.  But the Atari was more than just a great computer - it defined an entire era that included synthesists and chiptuners from the Amiga, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, NES, PC, and MAC communities. AMN welcomes and celebrates all vintage digital musicians no matter what their computer - as long as it's slightly yellowed, of course!

The Atari Music Network (AMN) aims to:

•    Provide free webspace for all vintage computer musicians to create professional pages they can upload their music and videos to. See AMN Live! for more details!
•    Stimulate social interaction between vintage computer musicians and developers on AMN's Forum
•    Encourage ex-developers to update and redistribute commercial software or release it into the public domain.

     Specific to Atarians

•    Advocate and sponsor Atari based musicians in the MIDI & 8-bit music scene.
•    Catalog and review all known Atari music software and hardware.
•    Collect and offer hard to find Atari warez (abandoneware only).
•    Collect and offer sysex sound banks and software utilities for MIDI synths.

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Atari Music Network AMN Logo

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