Softjee Audio Software For The Atari Falcon

Softjee audio utilities for the Atari Falcon 030

Atari Music Network is now hosting a some of the software produced by Softjee, including a few titles that have been hard to come by over the last few years. Softjee software always managed to gain rave reviews in pages dedicated to Atari software, and I remember in the late 90's reading about many of the titles, wishing I could afford a Falcon to run these amazing packages on. On looking around the internet, it's obvious that there is still an interest in the software, though finding it has proved illusive for many. So here is a quick run down of the packages and links to download them:


A Falcon030 utility for converting audio into MIDI data, however your milage may vary with this if you try putting complex musical compositions through this.

Digital Studio
Digital Studio at the Dead Hackers Society website

A digital tracker program for the Falcon030 which also offers tracks for controlling MIDI equipment. The sequencer can handle up to 32 tracks, which includes a mix of both audio and MIDI, with level and pan available on all the audio channels. Currently we only have the MSA file, but the zip download can be found at the Dead Hackers Society website.

Easy Beat

A sample based drum machine with samples for many of the popular drum machines of the time, including the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, the Roland R8 and a few others. There are folders for the 2 installation disks, each folder should be copied to its own 1.44MB floppy disk.

Known Issues - Saving as a MIDI file does not work, if you have a newer version of the program with this feature working and you wish to share this with the community, please get in touch


A sample playback system for the Falcon030 with a number of editing options. It turns your Falcon into a 16 part multitimbral playback device, able to map samples to your MIDI keyboard or be controlled from a MIDI sequencer. It can stream samples from disk so there are no physical RAM constraints on your available sounds, and it can playback a number of sample formats including AVR, D2D and AIF formats used by many of the direct to disk recording systems of the time.

Live Machine

A direct to disk recording system which can record up to 8 channels, each of which can be of differing lengths and controlled by MIDI devices in real time. Each channel can also have its own ADSR envelope, and can be looped or played back as is.


A MIDI file player with built in General MIDI software synth. Sound output can be streamed to disk and there are editing options for the sound generation.

All programs are designed for the Atari Falcon030, but should also work without issue on the C-Lab Falcons. As well as the above utilities, we also have the following for download:

Please let us know in the forums how you get along with the software and share your musical creations with the rest of the community.