AMN Live! Instructions

AMN Live! Logo Atari Music NetworkAMN Live! is a free, professional publishing tool designed to help you promote yourself to a targeted, global audience as an 8-bit chiptune or vintage MIDI synth artist. It is the only chiptune and MIDI music sharing service with built-in SEO and social bookmarking tools so major search engines can find your profile and music better. The Atari Music Network also pays for Facebook and Google ads to drive additional traffic to this service; therefore, if you really want your music to get noticed, follow these instructions and tips carefully.

Important Tips For Promoting Your Music On AMN Live!

  • Fill out all text fields in explicit detail including meta-descriptions for your profile, albums, and songs.  The more relavant/popular keywords and phrases you include, the better Google and Yahoo! will rank your page.
  • Always include pictures!  No one wants to read plain text except for search engines!
  • AMN Live! is a serious music promotion service - not a dumping ground for no-name projects like other chiptune and MIDI sites; therefore, any multimedia without written content will be deleted.

To get started:

1Register for a new AMN Live! account. Your log-in also grants you access to the forums.

2Create a detailed artist's profile. You can't add music until this is complete.

3Create a detailed album listing and upload your MP3 tracks.

4Add descriptions for each new song under the album's Songs tab by clicking on each song's edit icon Edit Icon.

5To edit your albums or profile, log-in and use the search functions under the AMN Live! menu to find your pages and click on the edit icon Edit Icon

F.A.Q. and SEO Tips

Q. I don't have any albums.  I just want to upload a single song. What should I do?
A. Consider adding your single song as a "Single Release Album". Take the time to create an album cover and written description. Remember, AMN Live! is a serious music promotion service - not dumping ground for half-finished projects.

Q. I can't think of anything to write for my profile, albums, or songs. Can you help?
A. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

    - Where are you from?
    - What are your musical influences?
    - What interested you in vintage computers and/or synth music?
    - What kind of computer(s) do you use? Have you performed any hardware mods that make your equipment unique?
    - Do you perform live? If so, where? If not, why?  Are you a bedroom composer?  Is so, why?
    - What's your studio like?  List your favorite instruments, computers, music software.
    - What was your inspiration for your album or song? What method did you use to compose and record it?
    - Are you interested in networking with other vintage chiptune or MIDI musicians?  If so, who? Would you like to collaborate with someone?
    - Would you like others to critique your music in the comment section?
    - Is your music for sale?  Where can users buy it?

Q. I'm trying to create my artist's profile and I'm being asked to upload two images. What's the difference?
A. The Image for Artist's Name field will become the thumbnail attached to your name under the search menu. The Picture field is for your main profile page image.  You can upload the same pic for both.  All thumbnails are automatically generated - no need to resize.  Additionally, you can insert an external URL of an image but this is not recommended because URLs can change without your knowledge.

Q. Can I sell my music on AMN Live!?
No, but AMN Live! has a built-in feature that let's you include a URL to any external landing page that does sell your music!

Q. I don't consider myself a professional musician but I'd love others to hear my music
A. You don't have to be a professional musician to post your music on AMN Live! But you do need to keep your written content professional-looking, otherwise it may be deleted.

Q. Why is AMN Live! a free service? Will it stay this way?
A. The short answer is that the creator, Donovan Logan, is an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist who loves Atari and vintage computer & synth music so much that he'll do anything to promote and push it into the mainstream.  Te service will always stay free - just promise to buy some funky AMN merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc...)!

Q. Am I somehow forfeiting my intellectual copyrights by uploading my music and graphic art to
A. No, you maintain all your copyrights.  The Atari Music Network isn't run by big brother or Facebook. Just remember that anyone can download your songs once they're on the site. The Atari Music Network has no control or liability what others may do with your data.

Q. What is a meta-description? Why should I fill lit in and what do I fill it in with?
A. In order for someone to click on your page based on a search result from Google or Yahoo!, you need to provide a short description of what your page is about (less than 150 characters).  But beware! Google knows when you're trying to trick her so keep your descriptions accurate and honest. Leaving this field blank will force AMN Live! to provide a generic description instead.

Q. What does SEO stand for?  Should I care?
A. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is fascinating science pertaining to the various techniques used to convince search engines to rank your webpage higher under search results. If this concept is new to you, it is highly recommended you research some SEO blog tips.  Remember, all pop music requires 1% raw talent and 99% marketing.  You can be the best chiptune/MIDIist on the planet, but no one will know who you are if your music ranks 7,000,000 on Google!