Atari Links

Atari MIDI & Audio Software

MIDI Sequencers
Gaston Klares' MIDI Software
Experimental soundscape generator and 8-track monophonic step-sequencer

Synth Editors & Librarians
The Atari JXEDITOR Page
Virtual PG-800 tone editor/library manager for the Roland JX8P, JX-10, & MKS-70
Zadok's UNI_MAN Universal Synth Editor
SysEx manager for a large variety of synths
SC55 Pilot
MIDI editor for the Roland SC55 Sound Canvas

Audio Editors & Applications
Studio Son 2.093b
Pro audio editor for the Falcon 030 with support for the 68882 coprocessor
Yvan Doyeux's CDLab
CD burning software
8 track audio recorder with mixing, fx and synchronous MIDIfile playback
16-band voceder for the Atari Falcon

Software Synths
New Beat
Creators of the ACE MIDI and ACE Tracker Atari Falcon soft synths

Displays XML-Music notation with MIDI playback (Linux only)

Collections & Archives
Tim's Atari MIDI World
The historic website of the late Atari MIDI guru, Tim Conrardy
Yahoo! Groups Atari-MIDI (Files Section)
Public archive of Atari MIDI programs, sounds, patches, and songs
Yahoo! Groups Atari-MIDI-Archives (Files Section)
Public archive of Atari MIDI programs, sounds, patches, and songs
Hitsquad Musician's Network: Shareware Music Machine
Atari music software archives
Electronic Cow
Atari music freeware
ATARI Music Software
Find original disks for Logic and Cubase plus backups of other archive sites
UTSI: Ultimate TOS Software Index
MIDI and Audio software collection
M.Tarenskeen's Archive
Music Software for Linux, MagiC, and TOS
A U.K. music studio showcasing their Atari MIDI and sampling equipment

Atari MIDI Forums
Sound on Sound Magazine
Atari music forum run by Atari ST guru, David Etheridge
Atari-MIDI Yahoo! Group
Oldest and most established Atari music discussion group
Atari-MIDI-Archives Yahoo! Group
An extension of the Atari-MIDI group used mainly for file storage
The Notator SL User-Group
An e-mail discussion and support group for Atari Notator

Atari Software Archives with Music & MIDI Sections

Hang Loose - Climatics
Largest online Atari archive
Delta Labs Media [German] | [English]
Hundreds of public domain programs Archives
University of Michegan's Atari software archives
Darkspace Collection
Assortment of Atari software
Archive of various warez and abandonware
Public FTP Archives
| [Mirror]
The Finish Ministry of Education's Atari software FTP archive | [Mirror]
David Cure's Atari software FTP archive
Mario Becroft's Atari software FTP archive
Technical University of Berlin's Atari software FTP archive
Demon Internet's Atari software FTP archive
Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics' Atari software FTP archive
Atari software FTP archive from Germany
Assortment of Atari software

Atari YM2149, Pokey, & Multimedia

Media Players
Sector One
Home of FalcAmp Mp3 player and other audio and video players/encoders
NED Player
Multi format player for STE/TT including a 16-bit audio Falcon verison
MPTi [German] | [English]
MP3 ID3 tag editor for Atari TOS and compatibles
The Cream Headquater
Home of Jam, the multi format chiptune and audio player for Atari and Windows
Mutli format audio and video player
Multi format video player
GEMJing [German] | [English]
Multi format sample player that allows double-click playback from the desktop

YM2149 Trackers/Music Composition Tools
Atari ST YM2149 chip tracker
The live YM synth prototype
YM2149.pdf - AY8910.pdf - AY8930.pdf
Official data sheets

YM2149 Players
DJ software that turns two Ataris into virtual turntables for SNDH files

Mac OS X music player for the Atari ST SNDH fileformat
Open source YM music player for Linux
Tracker software for the MiNT OS
SND Player
SNDH player for 16/32 bit computers
sc68 - Atari ST and Amiga Music Player
Plays back Atari ST and Amiga tunes in .sc68 and SNDH format on Windows
Audio Overload: Video Game Music Player
Emulates the sound hardware of over 33 vintage consoles and computers
Atari YM2149 player and emulator for MS-DOS, Windows, Internet Explorer, and WinAmp

Utilities & Drivers
GSXB (Generic Sound XBIOS) Home Page
Adds XBIOS sound compatibility to any Atari or Atari clone including Hades
MagiCMac Sound Driver
Atari Falcon XBIOS compatible sound driver for MagiCMac, Hades and Aranym

Chiptune News, Communities, Collections, Record Labels & Events

A collective of pro 8-bit artists w/ frequent album releases and events calendar
Largest chiptune-related media repository and file sharing community
Features some of the top international 8-bit artists
International community of low-tech chip musicians
Atari SAP Music Archive
Biggest Atari XL/XE 8-bit music archive
A virtual online Amiga desktop with a large multi-format chiptune collection
SNDH Atari ST YM2149 Collection
Acumulative archive of Atari chip music
Chip Coalition
8-bit gaming, art, music & modding forum
YM Rockerz
Atari ST chiptune musician collective
Old school game and demo music radio
Oldschool Jukebox

Record Labels
Arkanoid-Records * Hardtekno / Hardcore / Acid-core / 8-BIT & More
Independent label and artists network from France publishing 8-bit music on vinyl and CD

Chiptune Events
Blip Festival
8-bit music festival featuring top international artists in New York
Blip Festival Europe
Official Blip Festival Europe website

Demoscene News, Communities, Collections & Events

Comprehensive demoscene news portal and directory
Streamable demo videos
Demoscene community with forums, webspace, and downloads
Demovibes - Electronic Grooves from the Demoscene
Mixed compilation of the finest demoscene electronic music
Dead Hackers Society

Highly influential and well established Swedish demo group
News and resource portal including a zine, podcasts, uploads, and more
Fading Twilight
Biggest collection of Atari demoscene music
Largest, most organized collection of Atari Falcon demos
No Fragments
Collection of Atari ST and Falcon demos
Atari Chat

Select IRCNET and channel #atariscne
Atariscene Frappr Map
Find other Atari demoscene artists around the world
Slengpung v3
Dedicated to collecting photos from demoscene parties from around the world
Nectarine Demoscene Radio
Streams uploaded demoscene music 24/7
Slovakian Atari Demoscene News and Forum
Major Demoparty Events
Annual Atari demoparty in the Netherlands
Video Games Live

An large-scale, immersive audio & visual event featuring famous game music
Alternative Party
Annual demoscene digital culture festival in Finland
International listings of scheduled demoparties
MAIN Demoparty
Annual demoparty in Arles, France
Numerica ArtParty
Annual demoscene party in France

Active Demo Crews
Paradize Homepage
Intros and games for Atari ST/STE and Falcons using GFABASIC

Inactive & Historical Demo Crews
Hemoroids Official Website
An popular Atari, Amiga, and PC demo group from the late 80s to early 90s

Atari News & Magazines

Atari RSS news feed portal
ST Magazine
Atari news and articles
Low Res Magazine:
A web magazine made by retro computing fans
Atari Users Network
General Atari news and webspace provider
General Atari news and webspace provider [German] | [English]
General Atari news and resource site for the German speaking community
HispAtari - Portal [Spanish] | [English]
General Atari news site for the Spanish speaking community [German] | [English]
German Atari community site
General Atari news website
Atari User Magazine
World's only monthly Atari magazine for all the Atari formats

Archived News from the Past
MyAtari Magazine
Published from 2000-2005

Atari Forums, Newsgroups & IRC Channels

General Forums
The Best Atari-forum on the web!
HispAtari Forum [Spanish] | [English]
Spanish Atari discussion forum
Atarimania Forum
General Atari forum with over 500 members
All about the hard disk and SCSI driver for Atari and compatibles
Atari ST Emulation Forum [French] | [English]
Discuss Atari ST emulation
Atari.Area Forum [Polish] | [English]
General Atari Polish speaking forum [German] | [English]
General discussion
yAronet Atari Forum [French] | [English]
General Atari French speaking forum
Newsgroups & IRC Channels
A GEM IRC client for the Atari ST
Discussion about 16 bit Atari home computers
de.comp.sys.atari [German] | [English]
Ataris, compatibles, and emulation
Programming on the Atari Computer
Technical discussions of Atari ST hardware and software
fr.comp.sys.atari [French] | [English]
General Atari discussion
pl.comp.sys.atari [Polish] | [English]
Polish Atari users discussion group
Atari Related hardware and software announcements [German] | [English]
Atari ST(E) / TT / Falcon hardware issues [German] | [English]
Multi-tasking Atari operating systems [German] | [English]
General software issues of the Atari ST/TT/Falcon family
Automated Google search for Atari newsgroups around the world Other Atari Newsgroups

Atari Hardware & Software Development

The LaST Upgrade
Various RAM & CPU upgrades by exxos
The Atari Firebee (Previously the Atari Coldfire Project - ACP)
An Atari Falcon clone with MIDI and audio support under development
An Atari ST clone under development
ATARIworld [German] | [English]
Ingenious new hardware/software developments from Germany
Home of the CT60/63 and CTPCI Falcon expansion boards
Didier Méquignon
Various CT60/63 CTPCI peripheral drivers and software
Dr. Uwe Seimet's software page [German] | [English]
Jookie's Web
Information on the UltraSatan Atari ST SD card reader
Ardisoft [German] | [English]
Develops and sells various utilities and "Jerry", the Atari-PS/2 adapter
NETUS-Bee and Atari VHDL / FPGA projects
Atari & USB
ETHERNAT and NETUS-Bee driver devlopment
Nature/Atari Division's Homepage
Home of the SuperVidel, EtherNat, and NatFrame projects

The Atari Hardware Hack Page
Dozens of documents detailing various Atari ST and Falcon hardware mods
Atari Documentation Archive
Large archive of official Atari documents
Application Systems Heidelberg
Atari Software by ASH
JAY'S Software Home Page
General software development including an online .HYP viewer
Homepage of Gerhard Stoll [German] | [English]
Various Atari applications
Mario Becroft's Atari Hardware Page
Various self-designed Atari hardware add-ons
MiNT and Coldfire (Firebee) devloper
The Orphaned Projects Page
Database of abandoned Atari software available for other programmers to develop further

Atari Text & Graphics Programs

Grahics Software
Bitmap View
View Bitmap images on your Atari
View and convert over 400 graphic files
Atari Ghostscript
View postscript images or documents on the screen
Calamus SL (Lite Version)
Installation archives for Calamus lite edition
TOS compatible PDF viewer and CFN font editor
InShape Pro [French] | [English]
3D raytracing graphic design and animation software
ARTIS Software
Painting program
Zorro - Coder at Work
Home of Zview, the PDF and image viewer for TOS 4.04, MiNT, and MagiC
Atari, Vision, Fractals and Comics
Drawing and fractal animation software
Reiner Rosin Atari Software
Multi format image viewer and other applications
GEM-View [German] | [English]
View, print, and save over 100 image file formats
EDC's Homepage [French] | [English]
Home of Rainbow II and other graphics programs
Rainbow II's Homepage
Home of Rainbow II for the Atari Falcon, which has now been made Freeware.

Text Software

Tempus Word
Popular text editor
Papyrus Demo Version [German] | [English]
Popular text editor -Edith Pro/X11
Atari ST text editor
UDO: Universal Document [German] | [English]
Text format that can be translated into several other (hyper-) text formats

Atari Operating Systems, Desktop Replacements & Emulators

Operating Systems & Desktop Replacements
MagiC-Home | [English]
Popular alternative Atari operating system
FreeMiNT Portal
Important links for the freeware-OS FreeMiNT
FreeMiNT software archive
Massi Soft
MiNT/Sparemint installation utilities (EasyMiNT) and configuration tools
The Linux/m68k Home Pages
Atari compatible port of the Debian Linux OS for Motorola 68020 to 68060 CPUs
Hoshi's New MacMiNT Page
Mac OS version of MiNT
Open TOS replacement OS
The NetBSD Project
Atari compatible port of the NetBSD OS for the TT030, Falcon and Hades
Computers: Atari / TOS
Home of TeraDesk, an open-souce desktop for 16/32-bit Ataris plus other projects
The Unofficial XaAES Page
Graphical user interface for the FreeMiNT OS
A free, fast, reliable and modern AES for EasyMiNT and other
Hardware and software upgrade guides and N.AES/XaAES support
The only fully MIDI capable ST emulator for Windows and Linux
Hardware plug-in and software ST emulator
Atari ST emulator for Windows
Atari Falcon emulator for Unix-X, GNU/Linux, BSD, BeOS, and Mac OS x
Hatari for Nokia Internet Tablets
Run Hatari on Linux based Nokia Internet tablets
ARAnyM (Atari Running on Any Machine)
Runs any ST/TT/Falcon OS (TOS, FreeMiNT, MagiC and Linux-m68k) and TOS/GEM apps
ARAnyM on Macs
ARAnyM ported to Mac OS X based systems
CaSTaway Portable
Portable Atari ST for Palm OS, Zodiac, GP32 and Sony PSP
ST Emulator for Unix/X
ST emulator for Mac
Atari Emulation Support
Links and resources
Atari Emulation Support (AES) Yahoo! Group
Find help, share resources, and discuss Atari emulation

Atari System Utilities

Atari System Disks
Collection of installation, system, and language disks
NVDI [German] | [English]
Powerful Atari ST - Falcon accelerator
Dr. Uwe Seimet's Atari Utilities (HDDRIVER)
Updated drivers for modern hard drives and flash cards

File Compression
Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer's Compression Utilities
Developer of UPX, LZO, LZOP, NRV, and UCL file compression utilities
ArcView [German] | [English]
Packs and unpacks ZIP, LZH, ARC, ARJ, ZOO, TAR files for multitasking Atari OSs

Network & Internet Connectivity
ICQ client for TOS
Atari Chat Client
Mail client program for TOS based computers
HighWire Development Project
Web browser for Ataris running MiNT and MagiC
Draconis Internet Package for ATARI/TOS
Collection of several Internet Programs, including MiNTNet
STinG Homepage
TCP/IP stack for Atari TOS and all compatible operating systems
Olivier Boolage Homepage [French] | [English]
Several utilities for STinG
Vasilis' Homepage
Offers an FTP Server for STinG, STiK, and GlueSTiK as well as BNeT, a cross-platform LAN program
Atack: Atari
FTP, email and various network utility programs
STiK 2000 - The ST Internet Kit
Core Internet connectivity routines for Atari computers plus related utilities
The Home of MagiCNet
Port of MiNTNet to MagiC
2B's Home
Home of NVDI
The Dragon Reborn
Home of fVDI, the Fenix/Free/Fast VDI
Anodyne Software
Develops and markets ExtenDOS 4, CD Writer Suite v4, and Diamond Edge
Philipp Donzé Homepage
Various utilities for different Atari operating systems
Yvan Doyeux's Keeptime
System patch for dead Falcon RTC/ NVRAM
Dimitri Junker's Atari Software
System, programming, database, graphic, and e-mail software
Dirk Haun's Atari Software [German] | [English]
System utility, programming, and multimedia software
Atari Page
Software for TOS and MiNT
Renaissance [French] | [English]
Various Falcon applications
RGF Software [German] | [English]
Developer tools and utilities for MagiC OS
David Reitter: Atari-Software-Projekte [German] | [English]
Various Atari applications and utilities
Home of Rational Sounds and QED text editor
Joy Home Page
Various Atari utilities and hardware projects
Eric Reboux Software [French] | [English]
Various system utilities and small applications
AssemSoft Home Page
Various MiNT utilities includes ones specifically for the Hades
Kronos - GEM 68K Benchmark [French] | [English]
Benchmark testing software for all Atari ST/TT/Falcon/Hades/Coldfire range
GEM Instant Messenger
Open source instant messaging Ccient for MiNT on Atari compatibles
Various MagiC utilities and mini-apps

Atari Programming

The definitive STOS archives
STOS V300 games,downloads,sourcecode,extensions & more!
The Unofficial Home of GFA Basic - Encom
Atari GFA basic programming resources and downloads
GFA-Basic Community
Mailinglist for all GFA programmers
RUN! Software [German] | [English]
Develops and provides various GFA tools
Omikron Basic 5 [German] | [English]
Multipurpose programming language for Atari
GFA Basic Forum [French] | [English]
For Atari ST, TT, and Falcon computer programmers
TurboAss and Bugaboo
68000 assembler, editor and debugger
GEMTOS [French] | [English]
Collection of TOS manuals and programming utilities
The DFRM Library
Dynamic WinDom forms library for displaying dialog forms and menus
C library to make GEM programming very easy
HTML Tidy and GEMtidy
Automatically cleans messy HTML code and fixes mistakes
A DLL (dynamic linked library) engine for the Atari
Atari: Alive in Another Dimension [French] | [English]
Falcon accelerator hardware testing and C programming resources
Elfsoft Products
English help files for the Pure C development package plus other utilities
Martin Elsässer's Atari Site [German] | [English]
GEM and C programming software and utilities
BoxKite [French] | [English]
Resident file selector for all TOS computers
SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer
Multimedia library for designing multimedia software for MiNT
GEM Dynamical Library allowing GEM apps to load/share external modules
Homepage of Henk Robbers
Provides a C compiler/assembler, machine code disassembler, and more
Dirk Haun's Home Page
Atari programming tools and utilities
Natural Born Programmers: Atari, TOS & MagiC [German] | [English]
Mulitple programming tools and ultilies
Live Atari GFA Basic 3 (LST format) to Java converter
Ralf's Software
Various programming tools and system utilities
Arnaud Bercegeay's Software
GEMlib, Doxygen, Libshare, and instructions on installing EasyMinT on Aranym/AFROS
Easy Gem [French] | [English]
Makes C programming simple and quick
Basic 1000D
Programming language for solving mathematical problems (computer algebra)
Overedit Page
Pure C-shell editor

Avant-Garde or Miscellaneous

LASE: Logiciel d'Analyse des Spectres EXAFS
X-Ray absorption spectra analysis software
Eagle's Software [Friench] | [English]
Satellite tracking, radio communication and transceiver programming software
The Milan Help Site
Tips, how-to articles, and downloads for the Atari compatible Milan system
Atari TT 030 Headquarters
Articles, news, downloads, and resources for Atari TT 030 owners
Atari-Forum's Wiki Page
Contribute your knowledge towards various Atari related subjects

Atari Related Nostalgia and History

The Antic Cyber Graphics Software
Documents obscure Atari ST computer graphics & animation software from the 1980s
Computer History Museum
World's largest collection of computing artifacts in Mountainview, CA
Historical documentation, articles, and discussion forum for vintage computers
Atari Mania
Database of Atari software and multimedia memorabilia

Atari Sales and Repair

exxos upgrades & repairs (UK)
Parts & upgrades for the Atari ST series
Atari Best Electronics (USA)
Replacement parts and accessories for Atari game systems and computers
KeyChange Music Services (UK)
Specialized in Music/MIDI related repairs and replacement parts
Atari ST Mouse Button Repair Service (Canada)
Only repairs mice
B & C ComputerVisions (USA)
Sells and repairs Atari computers, video games and parts
RetroGeek Computers (USA)
Full support and repair for all Atari ST personal computers
PowerPhenix (France)
Falcon CT60/63 sales, upgrades & altercations
Video 61 and Atari Sales (USA)
Atari 8-bit software and hardware sales and service
Emmesoft (Italy)
Sales and repair
Repairs, upgrades, and modifies most Atari ST-Falcon computers
ToSTech (Spain) [Spanish] | [English]
Sales and repair
Bravo Sierra Computers
Sells and repairs Atari computers, video games and parts
Medusa Computer Systems
Sells the TOSfire Atari clone