Cubase Audio Falcon 2.06 Crack by MCA and Jean Pat

Steinberg's Atari Cubase Audio Falcon 2.06 Crack: The Ultimate Audio Recording and MIDI Sequencing Software for the Atari Falcon 030

Presented here are two cracked versions of CAF 2.06 - one by MCA, the other by Jean Pat.  Download at your own risk! AMN does not test any cracks beyond running them and loading a song for playback.  Whether or not the cracked version works on a CT60/63 also remains a mysetery. Your knowledge and analysis of which version is better is welcomed and encouraged.  But remember, no crack is ever perfect.

Both cracked versions seem complete, however, you can always fill in any missing files by comparing and contrasting against the original CAF 2.06 installation disks (just don't copy over the crack or the patched file STUDIO35.MOD!).  There is also important product info and tips at the above link as well.

Originally, when Jean Pat cracked CAF 2.06, he also attempted to crack the ever important Studio Module that manages sound banks for gazillions of synth models.  AMN found that this crack was extremely unstable; basically, it crashed every time a bank was loaded or clicked on.  Jean Pat is aware of the problem and promises to fix it when he has time. However, if you have or can make a better crack of Studio Module or CAF 2.06, please contact AMN.  A download link will be created for everyone to enjoy and an Atari e-pirate ship built in your honor!

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