Atari Master Tracks Pro 3.6

Atari Master Tracks Pro 3.6

Master Tracks Pro 3.6: The Easiest, Feature-Rich Atari MIDI sequencer

Boasting a few features not found in Cubase such as independant track looping and a built-in sysex dumper, this excommercial MIDI sequencer is an excellent alternative to Cubase and Notator for straight forward step editing composing and arranging.  One of this programs better features is the ability to import standard MIDI files and use the editing tools to add human playpack characteristics and embelishments.

System Requirements

Master Tracks Pro 3.6 works on all Atari computer systems from the 520ST to the Falcon 030. It works in all video resolutions including TT HI which is 1280x960 and even in multitasking environments such as GENEVA.

Program Features

  • Control the sequencer using an on-screen control panel that looks like a tape-recorder transport control. Just click on Play, Record, Pause, Stop, Rewind or Fast-Forward to move instantaneously from measure to measure.
  • Set the meter, tempo and beat independently for each measure.

  • Display the elapsed time of any section of your piece.
  • Record all MIDI events on the 16 possible MIDI channels simultaneously, including key velocity, after-touch, sustain, modulation and pitch-wheel changes, and program changes.
  • Apply automatic and musically accurate error correction to your music, compensating for imperfect playing technique. A 'humanize' feature can compensate for the computer's predeliction to error-correct "too much" and thus create sterile, mechanical-sounding performances. Humanizing adds random, miniscule irregularities in note timing and velocities.
  • Merge, delete, transpose, repeat and copy individual tracks, or selected portions of a track.
  • Change the note velocities, continuous MIDI data, note durations, key, tempo, meter or MIDI channel information for whole tracks or just selected regions of a track or tracks.
  • Change playback tempo instantly or gradually over time. You can have Master Tracks 'fit time' to proportionally adjust tempos in a region to fit a given length of time - particularly useful for film and video work.
  • Visually edit your compositions on a variable-resolution grid which displays all MIDI events. Change a note's pitch or duration by dragging it to a new position. Step input using the mouse or MIDI keyboard with selectable duration, velocity, articulation and MIDI channel for each note.
  • Graphically plot and alter pitch-bend, aftertouch, key pressure, modulation, controllers, and program changes.
  • Set markers anywhere in a piece and easily jump to those locations for easy editing. An 'auto-rewind' feature can be set to quickly rewind your composition to a given point for effortless recording of multiple takes in a single track, or of subsequent tracks.
  • You can set Master Tracks to scroll the graphic display of your sequence as it plays it, so you can see the music on-screen while you listen.
  • You can incorporate your MIDI music into professional audio and video productions utilizing MIDI Song-Pointer and external SMPTE synchronizers.
  • A Sysex Utility lets you control your entire MIDI setup from a single program. You can save and load voices, banks of voices,drum patterns, samples, or any other kind of MIDI sysex data to and from your synthesizers, drum machines and other MIDI devices. This information can be saved on diskette with your sequences.
  • You can control Master Tracks right from your MIDI keyboard rather than from the ST's. Control the transport functions and the step input durations without taking your hands off your instrument.

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