AEX v2 - Algorthmic MIDI Arpeggiator for Atari ST and Falcon

AEX Algorithmic MIDI Arpeggiator

AEX v2 is a algorthmic arpeggiator for written by Dr. Ambient in collaboration with the late Tim Conrardy who also nick named it the “"Tangerine Dream Machine". AEX runs on the Atari ST in hi-res mode and on the Falcon in monochrome hi-res, 16, or 256 color modes. It also runs on the Atari TT in under ST high-res mode.

AEX is a keyboard-driven program (i.e. no mouse support). This enables AEX to perform flawlessly as a real-time performance instrument once you become familiar with toggling around the AEX screen. It offers a total of 48 algorithms for you to explore.

Download AEX v2. View the original AEX tutorial by Tim Conrardy.

For more information about AEX, read Jos van de Gruiter's 2003 interview with Dr. Ambient or e-mail the doctor himself.