Line Audio Design Jam IN 8 and Jam IN 2 for Atari Falcon 030

Atari Line Audio Design Jam In 8 2 8/2The Line Audio Design Jam In 8/2 for Atari Falcon 030: product information courtesy of Line Audio Designs

The Jam IN 8/2 has the same audio quality to match the Jam 8/2: low noise,
low distortion and totally flat frequency response.  It features professional 1/4 "balanced  input Jack sockets on each channels using 1-bit delta sigma A/D converters at 18-bit resolution and x128 oversampling.

The Jam IN 8/2 includues a double DSP plug for optional connection of SPDIF iinterfaces.


Frequency response: 10Hz-22KH z±0.1dB,49kHz
Bit rate: 1-bit delta sigma A/D converters, 18-bit resolution, x128 oversampling
Signal to noise: >90dB A-weighted
Harmonic distortion: 0.005%
Input sensitivity: 1.25  V  RMS
Size: 129   x47   x134mm