Line Audio Design Jam 8 and Jam 2 for Atari Falcon 030

Line Audio Design Jam 8 for Atari Falcon 030The Line Audio Jam 8/2 for Atari Falcon 030: product information courtesy of Line Audio Designs.

The SoundPool Jam 8 and Jam 2 devices feature 8 or 2 channel audio outputs with high quality 1-bit delta sigma converters at 18-bit resolution sounding much better and producing less noise than the internal Falcon audio.

The frequency characteristic is flat and it produces clear and uncoloured sound.

The 6.3mm stereo jack sockets are balanced for professional use but they can also be used as unbalanced by using ordinary unbalanced jackplugs.

The DSP plug is a thru-plug so that FX, SPDIF/FDI, or Jam sample clock can be connected
at the same time as the Jam 8/2.

Jam 8/2 works with programs that use the DSP port correctly and you don't need a SPDIF/FDI.

The superior quality of the Jam 8 makes it the best choice for the recording from the Atari Falcon.

The Jam  2 outputs can be combined with the Falcon's internal audio to provide four simutaneous channels.  The Jam 8/2 has been tested with Cubase Audio, Notator Logic, and The Audio Tracker.


Frequency response: 10Hz-22KHz±0.1dB,49kHz
Bit rate: 1-bit delta sigma D/A converters, 18-bit resolution, x128 oversampling
Dynamic range: 93dB A-weighted
Signal to noise: 89dB
Harmonic distortion: 0.005%
Output unbalanced: 1.4V RMS
Output balanced: 2.8V RMS
Size: 129 x 47 x 134mm