C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3.21

Clab C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3 Main Screen

The Ultimate MIDI Sequencing and Scoring Software for Atari ST Series Computers!

You will need an original Notator SL dongle or the Log-3 MIDI expander to run this program. Do not use the dongle at the same time as the Log-3, as this can damage your computer.

AMN supports cracked abandonware because it does not infringe on anyone's ability to make money.  Therefore, if you have or can make a cracked version of Notator SL 3.21, please contact AMN.  A download link will be created for everyone to enjoy with an Atari e-shrine built in your honor.  In the meantime, you may download the cracked Atari Notator SL 3.0

Product Highlights

  • Notator is an all-encompassing MIDI composition, sequencing, scoring, and production system
  • Allows you to edit and process the MIDI data it has recorded using a number of sophisticated editing tools and functions.
  • Helps you assemble your music quickly and easily using powerful real-time arrange list functions.
  • Is a real-time MIDI processor, allowing you to process MIDI data in real time, without your having to record it first.
  • Acts as a real-time automated mixer of MIDI data (volume etc) and as a real time virtual System Exclusive (SysEx) editor.
  • Fully synchronizable to audio and video tape for pre- and post-production at home and in the sound studio.
  • Fully synchronizable to real-time incoming MIDI and audio signals; the musician’s tempo controls the sequencer.
  • Has an additional editing tool, the score editor, that lets you edit the MIDI data in notation on the traditional stave.
  • There is no division between MIDI Notes and their display in notation form.
  • Prints out full scores (up to 32 voices), with an editable Page Preview function, downloadable fonts, full range of notation symbols, and support for dot matrix and laser printers.

Notator Compatible Hardware Add-ons

  • C-Lab Unitor N
  • C-Lab Human-Touch
  • C-Lab Combiner
  • C-Lab Steady Eye
  • C-Lab Export
  • Emagic Unitor-2
  • Emagic Log-3
  • Emagic Soundsurfer
  • Emagic Hearmaster
  • Emagic Audioface
  • Emagic Video Link

Program Files

Download the original Atari Notator 3.21 SL disks.  Once unzpiped, copy the inner contents of each disk intoa one main directory on your Atari's hard drive.
C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3.21 Disk 1 of 4 (Main Disk)
C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3.21 Disk 2 of 4 (Fonts)
C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3.21 Disk 3 of 4 (Fonts2/Demo Disk)
C-Lab Atari Notator SL 3.21 Disk 4 of 4 (Tutorial)

For more product information, Notator guru, David Etheridge, has provided an indepth Notator SL Review. You may also or download a scanned OCR copy of the Atari Notator SL 3.0 Manual.

For human/community support, post a question on the Atari Music Network forum or visit the Notator SL User-Group (not affiliated with AMN)