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steem midi and vhost utility on pc

steem midi and vhost utility on pc

Postby fabienm » Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:12 pm


I would like to use cubase on Steem and to have the possibiliy to choose as midi output the sounds that the vhost utility programm give me (any plug in vst that I load)
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Re: steem midi and vhost utility on pc

Postby mal7921 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:45 am

Hmm... As I remember Steem needs a physical MIDI interface , though you may be able to use a MDI routing utility such as MIDIYoke but someone else will have to confirm that as I don't have a Windows machine in the house any more.

If you have an external MIDI interface on your PC with more than 1 set of MIDI ports, you can use this as a router by setting Steem t use MIDI in/out 1 and your audio application to use MIDI in.out 2. Put a MIDI cable between MIDI out 1 and MIDI in 2 and load Cubase on Steem and your audio app in Windows, the set your audio app to use MIDI in/out 2 and then Cubase will have control over your Windows synth.

This of course means having an external MIDI interface on your PC, and if the MIDIYoke idea does not work would most likely be your only option.
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