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YouTube video's from the dim and distant past

YouTube video's from the dim and distant past

Postby mal7921 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:24 pm

While placing various things on the AMN Facebook page, I found a set of YouTube videos of Computer Chronicles from the beginning of the ST/Amiga era, which are pretty interesting.

Here are a couple of those links.

The Computer Chronicles MIDI Music report (1986)

The computer Chronicles MIDI Music special (1992)

And in the UK we had our own computer series, Micro Live, which featured the BBC Micro and had the Owl logo in it's titles.

The collection:

Atari 260ST, 520ST, 520ST+, 520STfm, STacy, Mega ST2
Atari STe, Mega STE, ST Book
Atari TT030, with 2GB Hard drive
Atari Falcon, 14MB, 40GB IDE drive
Atari Megafile 44

The website and the Atari bit
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