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[Cubase 3.1] How to set SMP-24 as default midi out?

[Cubase 3.1] How to set SMP-24 as default midi out?

Postby 1ST1 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:33 pm

Hello, this weekend I got my SMP-24 working. I want to connect all my midi devices just to the SMP-24 to get the Atari midi ports free for other purpose (MidiCom network). How to do that? I already unchecked ATARI in the Midi Setup menu, but it does not help. To play all voices from a midi file through the SMP-24 currently I have to load the file, open the trackinfo row and select each track and select SMP-24 as the output. When loading another file I have to do this again. Is there any way how to set the SMP-24-1 (1-4) as the default output?
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