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The end of AMN ?

The end of AMN ?

Postby Atari Music Network » Thu May 03, 2018 10:18 pm

In case people are not aware in case there are some lurkers still around..

As people know, I had a epic of a job to get this site running on a new server start with and had to fix hundreds of scripts to even get this far. I think it is just come to the point is the site basically not being used some years, is time to move on and close it down regrettably.

The original AMN site was actually ramping up GB's worth of error logs even before I started patching to run on my server. Also in light that someone else has registered the Atari music domain, it is basically suck as a sub domain on my exxoshost server. While there is nothing wrong with this, I was hoping once the site was copied over to the proper domain name, things would behave a little better. Though as someone else has taken this name, I'm not able to do this now.

While the site is currently running, I had to disable some stuff because I kept running out of hard drive space on my server huge error logs it was creating. So likely a lot of things will no longer be working on this site now.

Myself and Malcolm tried very hard to keep the domain, server companies were just not interested, never replied, or generally unhelpful to the point where someone else managed to register the domain quickly after it expired :( there is likely no chance of getting it back, and they actually consider it has been stolen. Though I would like to point out that the domain name is absolutely nothing to do with the proper AMN site!

In case people are not aware, have been working hard over the past year to transfer the articles over to my new forum.. I'm about halfway through, but there is still a lot to do yet.

I was working on the new site, but in reality people are just using this place to download manuals etc, while there are still some active people, they never use this site anymore. So it is being used as a information resource, which can be done elsewhere.

In light of all this I have tweaked my website script to export the entire music database along with much of the information and of course MP3 files into a single HTML page. News on this can also be found on my forum ... f=34&t=806

All the downloads and software here will be transferred over to my forum in due time also. I do not know if anyone wants to really keep this or not, like I said many times, I did not want to lose anything at all. I already archived the MP3 folder last year on my forum. But it will get updated with the new author list and profiles etc.

I'm going to try and merge the AMN database over to my new forum.. I don't know if this is going to work. But I will try, as I'm sure there is good information on this forum worth keeping. If I am unsuccessful with this, I will try and export all the forum information and set up a archived forum separately.. My main goal is to not lose any content whatsoever.. Though anything I deem as not worth keeping will actually get deleted in order to keep things tidy.

If the forum merge is successful, I do not know if any of the old logins will work or not. Though I think nobody has really visited here in some years anyway. Again it is more to keep the information archived than anything.

Of course Malcolm did a fantastic job keeping this site running for as long as he did, but even during his time running the site, things were dying out with people. As people know Malcolm did not want to run the site any longer which is why I took it over to rescue it, as I did not want to see another side die off and be lost.

While I am basically letting this site die now, at least I can recover all the info and not get lost which I think is the main thing. It wasn't really my first choice to let the site vanish, though I have to be realistic with the time involved with trying to keep up with all the errors and fixes, it is just not worth spending the time on. People can download files and manuals from anywhere, it does not need the "AMN Themed pages to do this."

If there is anyone out there still.. Then please watch my new forum current news and progress..
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