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Postby Guest » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:55 am

As it maybe wasn´t recognised by everyone:

Thomas Baumgärtner from Soundpool is since January and advisor of the Atari Coldfire Project! Thomas contacted us by his own and offered his help. We would have waited until our first hardware-series is in existance ;)

So let´s see if something will become possible after our series is availaible, and Soundpool had some months ;) Thomas already gave important advice to make our machine more Falcon compatible.

Two other points:

• "Atari Coldfire Project" is the name of the complete project including hardware, software, side projects (like maybe déesse) etc.
"FireBee" is now the official name of our hardware "product"
"Coldari" was the project name of the FireBee and the name of the 3 prototypes ;)

• Henk Robbers finished in march his first compiler which produces ColdFire optimized binaries which will also run on 68k processors! AHCC is PureC compatible.

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