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New music-VIDEOCLIP (ATARI music :) ).

New music-VIDEOCLIP (ATARI music :) ).

Postby yerzmyey » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:01 pm

Recently I found some videoclips of 16BIT band (the one from 80s) and they were mainly related with Amiga 500. I stated that if Atari XL/XE doesn't have such a thing yet, we might try to do that.
But in this case - with music recorded from real Atari machine. :)
Entire video work has been made by Larek (with my veeeery small 8mm movies help).

Larek has made a videoclip to ATARI song "Tokyo Gondwana" (electro/techno-pop).
Enjoy. ;)
(It's worth to set some better quality of playing btw).
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