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Yerzmyey - "aTTraction" (an album on various ATARI 16/32 com

Yerzmyey - "aTTraction" (an album on various ATARI 16/32 com

Postby yerzmyey » Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:50 pm

Album: "aTTraction" by Yerzmyey.
Released in March 2016.
Chiptune/micromusic songs as well as MOD-like/digital and MIDI music from classic ATARI computers (Falcon 030, Atari TT, Atari ST/MIDI and Atari 600XL).


01. Yerzmyey - aTTraction (ATARI TT)
02. Yerzmyey - Globular Cluster (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
03. Yerzmyey - Amai (ATARI FALCON 030)
04. Yerzmyey - Time Machine II (ATARI TT)
05. Yerzmyey - Inside a game (ATARI FALCON 030)
06. Yerzmyey - uTTerly unseTTling transmiTTal (ATARI TT)
07. Yerzmyey - Purple Galaxy (ATARI FALCON 030)
08. Yerzmyey - Bizarre creature (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
09. Yerzmyey & Tfardy - Brutal attack (ATARI FALCON 030)
10. Yerzmyey - The missing piece (ATARI 600XL) / Bonus Track
Total Time: 34:59 min.

The idea behind this album was to collect all my songs made with 32-bit ATARI computers: Falcon 030 and Atari TT. Finally I decided to add also two songs made with the 16-bit machine - Atari 520ST - but those have been made in MIDI technique, using also the classic module - Roland MT32.
All the songs have been recorded from real machines, the sound hasn't been changed.

As the bonus track I added a song created with 8-bit computer - Atari 600XL - with heavy postproduction setup: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / delays / echoes / reverbs / equalizers / compressors / limiters.

Guitars on the 9th track "Brutal attack" by Tfardy.

ATARI soft&hard used:

Atari Falcon 030 (with 14Mb of RAM)
- Digital Home Studio

Atari TT (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Hex Tracker

Atari 520ST (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Cubase

Atari 600XL (with 256Kb or RAM)
- Chaos Music Composer
- NeoTracker.

Related WWW sites:

The cover-art has been made by Jokov.

(C) by Yerz, March 2016
ZX, Atari, Amiga music:
ATARI 520ST digital music:
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