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"What's your name, baby?"

"What's your name, baby?"

Postby Neo Bechstein » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:41 am

ACP Team would like to say thanks to all people who joined the process of name finding. Altogether you sent 183 proposals 173 of which we couldn't take into the final list.

From tomorrow on you'll find the best ten ideas at this place and have the opportunity to vote for the final name. For the most ideas which couldn't take part in the final voting there already existed brand or product names, or there had already been a copyright on the name. This really was a pity with some of the names, such as 'Leningrad' which is a ZX-Spectrum Clone, 'Colibri' being a Colibri-board or 'AINA - AINA is no Atari' being the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Invormation Networking and Applications.

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